To create a global brand of medical equipment unremitting enterprising



Service Purpose: customer satisfaction

Service Concept: your satisfaction with my pursuit

National after-sales service hotline: 400-0028-869




Remote Guidance

To save customer time, improve efficiency; After receiving the maintenance consultation, the specialized customer service staff will provide remote maintenance guidance according to the problems described by the customer.

On-Site Service

After receiving the maintenance task, the company's after-sales management system will automatically dispatch the after-sales staff near the hospital to provide on-site service as soon as possible.

Regular Inspection and Maintenance

Send professional and technical personnel every quarter to inspect and provide product maintenance and maintenance services



Free Maintenance

Product quality problems, quality assurance period, free maintenance

Product Quality Assurance

Product quality assurance 2 years no worries

Lifetime Maintenance

Purchase the company's products enjoy lifelong maintenance service

24h Hours Customer Service

Professional customer service, 2 hours a day to provide online after-sales consultation

Free Training

Provide training on the use and maintenance of the product upon delivery

Quick Response

Respond to repair call within 2 hours



QWhat if the head of the bed cannot be removed?

Check that the lock knob is locked. Turn the locking knob counterclockwise to unlock, and clockwise to lock.

QHospital bed back, leg can not lift how to do?

1. Check whether the extension pipe, rotating shaft, screw seat, rocker and other parts are connected and damaged. If there is damage, repair the corresponding parts.

2. Check whether it is always in the state of slipping and shaking. If so, shake in the opposite direction of the current shaking (clockwise rise, counterclockwise fall).

QWhat about guardrail failure to release, protection, etc.?

1. Operation error. Release is to press the red handle upward to release.

2. The red handle cannot be automatically locked to the protection state. Hold down the red handle upward, lift the guardrail until the guardrail lock hole is concentric with the red handle shaft, release the red handle, and ensure that the red handle shaft is stuck in the guardrail lock hole.

QGuardrail seat shaking on both sides, loose too large how to do?

Check whether the bolts fixed to the bed frame of the guardrail are loose. If it is loose, tighten the bolts.

The plastic film is not removed during the use of the mattress, the flooring is not breathable, the use of wet environment and other conditions may lead to mildew on the surface. Keep the air in the room clear, change the sheets frequently and clean the surface of the mattress.

QCan't push the bed?

Check whether the casters are locked. If so, step down the upper foot pedals on the four casters respectively to release the state.

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