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Counterattack of "Medical Device Wholesale" in the Internet Age

  In recent years, with the development of society and the continuous improvement of human living standards, the rapid development of the medical device industry, people can now choose medical devices to be placed in the home for use in times of need, and the selection of medical devices is gradually advanced. It is also constantly adjusting, functions are more diversified, and the market capacity is also expanding. At present, medical services are gradually opening up to the market, and the accelerated development of the Internet. Medical devices have gradually established an online marketing platform. According to statistics, medical devices have become one of the most active and fastest-growing industries in China, with an average growth rate of about 20%, far higher than the national economy and the average pharmaceutical industry during the same period. China has become the third largest medical device market in the world after the United States and Japan.

  Luo Shengkai, an industry expert, said that medical devices are unfamiliar and professional, but when it comes to heart stents, beautiful pupils and other products, they feel that they are very close to life, behind most consumers do not know much about them, medical devices The industry is developing rapidly. He is also one of the beneficiaries of the growing use of medical devices as an Internet express train. Luo Shengxi said that as the distributor of Jiangxi Hongda Group medical equipment in Dongguan, the opening of the "medical equipment wholesale" network platform ( really promoted the development of the industry. He has been in the industry for many years and is well aware of the development of the industry. He said

  In developed countries, the output value of the medical equipment and equipment industry and the pharmaceutical industry are roughly the same. In China, the output value of the former is only one-fifth that of the latter. This serious misalignment indicates that the medical equipment and device industry still has a huge space for development in China.

  Luo Shengke analyzed that the total industrial output value of medical device companies above designated size was 343.8 billion yuan in 2013, a year-on-year increase of 17.3%. As of the end of 2013, there were more than 15,000 production enterprises nationwide and more than 170,000 second and third types of medical device companies. The fierce competition has gradually formed a vicious competition. Products are shoddy. Through the open platform of the Internet, everyone puts their products into the large space of the Internet to reshuffle their cards, which can benefit consumers and add to the current movement. The huge consumer groups of the Internet and the vast market on the Internet will have very broad prospects for the future of medical devices.

  It is understood that the "medical device wholesale" network platform includes not only medical devices, physiotherapy series, infusion instruments and other products, but also the industry's latest information and expert remarks, and the variety of products is numerous. At present, there are more companies in the industry to register. The website has enriched the industry's projects. There are also more businesses admiring and online trading has become a trend in the industry.

  The use of Internet thinking in the traditional industry to promote industrial transformation and upgrading has become a must-see route for all walks of life. It has also enabled traditional industries to usher in a broader market and space in the era of the Internet. Like the "medical equipment wholesale" network platform, in the process of maturing, it will also promote the real transformation and upgrading of the industry.