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Medical device industry development is the most important for innovation

  The development of society has promoted the development of the industry. Over the years, the medical device industry in China has grown at an extremely fast rate, reaching 20%. Regardless of the wholesale or procurement of medical devices, the growth rate of the global medical industry is around 10%. It is expected that the market size in 2015 will exceed 300 billion yuan. Especially in the context of China's medical device market accounting for only 14% of the total pharmaceutical market size, the domestic medical and mechanical market has at least 5 to 6 times more room for improvement.

  China's medical device market has leapt to the second place in the world, especially in a variety of low-end medical device products, the output ranks first in the world. However, in China's medical device market, only high-end products account for 25%, while low-end and middle-end products account for 75%. In the high-end product market of 25%, 70% of the high-end products are occupied by foreign-funded enterprises.

  Medical machinery industry development is the most important for innovation

  In this context, on August 31, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the National Health and Family Planning Commission jointly held a seminar on promoting the development and application of domestic medical equipment in Beijing and signed a cooperation agreement. At the meeting, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Minister Miao Wei emphasized that the medical equipment industry is a sunrise industry with capital-intensive technologies, large industrial linkages, strong initiatives, and promising development prospects. To promote the development of the domestic medical equipment industry, efforts should be made from both the innovation chain and the application chain.

  On the innovation chain, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology needs to integrate upstream and downstream resources, give priority to supporting advantageous companies, break through a batch of key medical equipment and core components and software, and significantly increase the industrialization capacity and quality level of domestic medical equipment; on the application chain, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology It is necessary to closely integrate the relevant work and policy measures of the National Health and Family Planning Commission, promote a batch of domestically produced medical equipment into influential hospitals for application and comparison verification, and establish a batch of domestic medical equipment application demonstration bases.

  With the improvement of the economic level and health awareness, the aging of the population, the continuous upgrading of medical devices and the increasing investment in medical devices in China, the medical device market in China will have more room for growth in the next few years. In the market competition, innovation and technology investment are particularly important.

  The grassroots is booming

  The national “Internet+Differential Diagnosis” model is accelerating. With the further tilt of the policy and the further improvement of “Internet+Differentiated Diagnosis and Treatment”, the first-stage clinic and two-way referral diagnosis and treatment model will be formed. Primary hospitals will usher in equipment replacement peaks. Domestic medical devices will develop rapidly. ”

  However, according to relevant statistics, among the 16,000 medical device companies in China, except for a few enterprises such as Neusoft and Mindray, the rest are mostly small and medium-sized medical device companies. Based on the total market value of 276 billion yuan for the medical device market in 2014, the average income of medical device manufacturers is only around 17 million yuan.

  Although the overall development of the medical device industry in China is relatively fast, most of them are small-scale enterprises with small scales. It is difficult to form an effective competitive force in the international market. When the global market is opened and the economic cooperation is deepening, if companies cannot expand If you are stronger, it will be difficult to gain an advantage in the competition.